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If you have been injured in an accident, contact Patrick Cork right away. One thing we have learned in our three decades of representing injury victims is that the insurance investigators are busy at work looking for ways to wiggle out a law suit while the injured party is focused on receiving medical care and recovering from the accident. Very important evidence which may support your case may simply disappear or be spoiled if you do not act quickly. In trucking cases, this is especially true. Most commercial trucks have an Electronic Control Module (ECM) or “black box” which should record crucial data related to the crash event. Not surprisingly, this data is often lost or spoiled before your representatives and investigators can gain access to the unit. Also, video surveillance from Closed Circuit TV cameras may also be recoverable for a very limited time.

Retaining an experienced trial lawyer is the most important decision you will make if you or your loved ones have sustained serious injuries in an accident. The insurance companies know which lawyers are experienced trial lawyers who will take cases to trial and which lawyers are looking for quick, easy settlements. If you have serious injuries, do not hire a lawyer who settles cases for pennies on the dollar after one telephone call. 
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Personal Injury

Patrick Cork has recovered record jury verdicts and settlements in wrongful death cases. He has proven that tractor trailer drivers were impaired from fatigue and that impairment was a contributing cause of the accident. On several occasions, Patrick has proven that the truck driver, while not exceeding the posted speed limit, was nonetheless traveling too fast for conditions and that was the primary cause of the accident. Many trucking accidents are truck on truck and no passenger vehicles are affected. All trucking and motorcycle accident require specialized knowledge to be handled competently.